Watering Tomatoes & Planting Squash

It is time to water the tomatoes as well as plant some squash and several other vegetables

24 Responses to “Watering Tomatoes & Planting Squash”

  • ojibway3 says:

    I’m in S.E. Ma.  the nights are still cool for some time yet but I did plant Lincoln peas,
    a snow peas and some different lettuce’ s yesterday & today.
    You are not dressed for April in Ma. so I guess a little further south, eh?
    I really enjoy seeing your progress and expertice.
    Good luck on the new farm..
    God Bless,

  • MadBadVoodo says:

    Thumbs Up!!

  • benobst says:

    How on earth do you intend to water all of those plants??

  • mywootgarden says:

    you should get a pump..”sub pump”? idk.. …or dig out large holes line with horse troffs and surround with tarp thingys…lolerskates!
    thanks for insparation of hills wooters

  • tamildeztiny says:

    is this illegal to get water from streams??

  • markhess says:

    Thanks Paul! Yes, I am a little more south than Ma! I am 20 minutes south of the Atlanta airport in zone 7b. Of course, in August, I will probably be ready to change locations with you!! :)

  • markhess says:

    :) yes, my kids are super paranoid about this!!

  • markhess says:

    when I finally get electricity (within next 2 weeks), I will get an electric pump and use it to pump water versus my two “strong” boys

  • markhess says:

    that is my plan as soon as I get electricity (in about 2 weeks) at the warm. Two strong boys can only carry so much water after all!! :)

  • markhess says:

    if it is on your property it is; I own the property on both sides of the stream

  • tamildeztiny says:

    i wish i own a property with a rive runing in the middle!!

  • webcajun says:

    Outstanding video Mark. Using your finger to plant the seeds, we’ll have to make you a member of the “keep it simple” team. LOL Wish we were neighbors cause we would get along great. If you keep them watered you should see them pop out the ground in about a week………. Donald

  • stymye says:

    looking good ! and you have planned it well..look forward to updates..my veges won’t go in till this next week ..I’m in zone 6b.. I might shoot a vid also

  • 1968hambone says:

    glad to see you back at it this season…i always enjoy your webcast Mark!

  • markhess says:

    Thanks Hambone!

  • markhess says:

    Thanks Donald! I have to admit, it would be super cool to have you as a neighbor! But of course, I would always be over at your house talking gardening and my wife may start to miss me! :)

  • markhess says:

    Yes, I realize I am very blessed with this property. I have been looking for it for many years now! It is great to finally have some room to grow all the things I have wanted to grow!

  • markhess says:

    Brrrr, zone 6b :)  Of course, I will be jealous of your zone 6b come August in Georgia!

  • Praxxus55712 says:

    Pretty innovative using the stream for your water source. No chemicals and very good for the crops. Plus it keeps the boys working. This is quite the project Mark. I gotta say I’m enjoying the videos. :)

  • robmelnoahzane says:

    Mark, you produce wonderful videos. Thanks for sharing them with us. As always I look forward to the next one.


  • markhess says:

    Thanks Rob! You’ve inspired me with your sauerkraut; I will be anxious to see how that turns out. I anticipate having extra cabbage this fall and this would be a great way to preserve it! – Mark

  • markhess says:

    Thanks Ray!

  • KayakFisher01 says:

    Tie a rope to your bucket and you don’t have to climb down the ladder. Just throw it in and pull it up. Just works the upper body and hand-eye coordination.

  • CRAZYHORSE091 says:

    Great gardening!!!! But I have to Salute Your Boys who carry the water and work in the garden! Also your Wife! Yes I am proud of them! Tell them we all are! Teaching them right and that is a good thing today! Back to basics! Beautiful!

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