Vertical Gardening with Squash & Pumpkins: How to grow a vertical garden with Scarlett

Want to grow squash & pumpkins. This (playlist) is everything you need to know to grow summer squash. New episodes almost weekly! Want to eat what you grow and grow what you eat? Join me…


  1. My zucchini developed some kind of silvery powder on the leaves this
    weekend. Mildew, I’m guessing?Do you have any tips in how to remedy this,
    or is it too late to save them?

  2. Now that you’re getting chicken eggs, save the shells letting them dry out
    and put through the coffee grinder to make your own calcium powder to put
    in your garden. Hope that helps. =)

  3. I am watching! Great info Scarlett. I don’t comment often but I watch a

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