1. copefarms : i too agree.. i didnt cook a single one of my beans this year me and my 2 1/2 yr old stood there eating them outta the garden instead there so much better that way. and why cut the small bean why not leave it to grow it would matured after picking some of the other plants and it gets more sun! oh what ever this was kinda´╗┐ boring to watch and not be doing my self instead! great comment post though ­čśÇ

  2. what cam recorder´╗┐ did you use?

  3. yea´╗┐ wich one

  4. the lil girl´╗┐ is funny lol beansssssssss

  5. Lovely´╗┐ video!

  6. I tried this last year with no success. I think the birds ate most of the seeds. I’m thinking that corn is just not my crop.

    The info I read indicated that you plant the corn, wait until it’s about a´╗┐ foot, then plant the beans to climb the corn and the squash to shade.

    I never made it past the corn…..

  7. As Geoff Lawton´╗┐ says: “If you have a snail or slug problem you have a duck deficiency!”

  8. I love that you fed the slugs to the fish! I always felt like such a sadist when I paid the neighbor kids a penny a slug/snail/hornworm, then just threw them in the middle of the street to die in the 100+ degrees. (the slugs, not the kids)´╗┐

  9. i love this kid – she is´╗┐ so excited and awesome. great videos, thanks!

  10. “but they’re dunk when they die!” sorry garden girl, ur daughter steals´╗┐ the show lmao. wheres her channel at?

  11. hey patti, i was wondering if there is anything wrong with doing some like´╗┐ sweet corn, bush beans, and summer squash? does it really matter what kind of beans, sqaush and corn you use? thanks, alex!

  12. natives use to grow sweet corn, popcorn,´╗┐ ect, and diffrent beans and squash so i dont think it really matters.

  13. I love watching how much fun you and your daughter have…. I wish my daughter and´╗┐ I had that much fun together, she’s 12 and to cool to hang with her mom! UGH!!!

  14. Thanks´╗┐ for the slug beer tip!

  15. holy crappers and milk´╗┐ i saw the cat and you weren’t talking about water 0-o

  16. wait,´╗┐ pond at the end, *whew* that couldv’e been bad

  17. All I learned was there is a mom trying to show how cute her daughter is. Teach her to sing and dance and put her on American Idol. This is supposed to be a learning´╗┐ video for gardening, very disappointing.

  18. The goldfish are very happy too!´╗┐

  19. wonderful´╗┐ job. totally love it.

  20. Chickens love slugs. Mine enjoy them greatly. ´╗┐

  21. Chickens love slugs. Mine´╗┐ enjoy them greatly. Slugs love the yeasty smell of beer, but at least they die happily, or possibly finding fault with their world in a giant tirade.

  22. I love the interaction between the two..´╗┐ don’t knock it..

  23. I’m in pest control. Feel free to use slug bait with the active ingredient metaldehyde.´╗┐ Metaldehyde is an organic compound and does exactly what the beer does (only faster). Metaldehyde is produced in humans when we are “hung-over” after drinking. Slugs can’t handle it (that’s why the beer kills them) when it is produced in them. I’ve used both methods to fight slugs (beer or metaldehyde [HiYield brand]) and the granules are just faster. Nice channel, by the way!

  24. Those native Americans that had the idea to plant´╗┐ the 3 sisters together sure were smart! Ive read that that combination is sheer agricultural brilliance!The beans give the soil nitrogen and that nitrogen makes the corn grow taller and then when the corn grows taller the beans climb up the corn even higher. And then the pumpkin on the ground in between them has big leaves that spead out and protect the soil from the sun so it doesn’t dry out,as corn needs to be kept moist as it has shallow roots

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