Vegetable Garden Collecting Okra Seed for next year’s garden

Collecting okra seed for next year’s garden. Visit “The Bayou Gardener” in South Louisiana at
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  1. @kjohndal … towards the end of the season let the pods dry on the plant then collect the seed……… Donald

  2. your videos are the best…my best and favorite crops here in north texas are tomatoes, okra and now potatoes. i have picked up some great tips from you. my question on saving okra seeds is; do i need to wait for the pods to dry on the vine, or can i take the large / hard pods during the season and save those for seeds also?

  3. @billyfireman … I don’t freeze any seed. Just keep them in paper bags or envelopes and keep them dry…….Donald

  4. where do you store your okra seeds can you freeze them

  5. @webcajun Thanks for taken the time to reply .

  6. @logojoogle … you can soak your okra seed in plain water overnight and it will speed up germination. I usually don’t cause I use a planter. Just water the seed in real well after planting and they will do just fine……. Donald

  7. I was wondering if u soak your seeds in anything before u set them out . I have been told by an old timer to soak them in bleach the night before to help them spout. Have u ever done that?

  8. If I can keep the coons out of the corn next year, I’ll try to remember to do a vid on canning corn. Glad you enjoy the vids……. Donald

  9. This video boarders on beautiful.

    Just found your channel and its become one of my favorites. I sincerely hope you keep posting in seasons to come. Invaluable knowledge for those of us who need it, crave it, and were never taught it.

    Your farm is beautiful, and you’re an inspiration. Thanks.

    PS. do you do corn canning? If so, would love a primer…….EZ

  10. thanks i ones saw a tv program that mentioned gumbo
    i just love your videos donald

  11. I have several other videos about Okra you may want to check out, they will answer most of your questions. In Louisiana we smother the pods with tomatoes, onions, peppers and lots of seasoning. We also use it in our Gumbos. The pods can also be pickled. In this video Im saving the seeds to re-plant next season……. Donald

  12. i was just browsing through your videos and i came across this video
    can you tell me what is okra and what you use it for?
    do you only harvest it for its seeds?
    sorry for my ignorance but in England we don’t grow this and im curious about it

  13. As long as your growing open pollinated / heirloom varieties you can save your seeds from just about any vegetable…….. Donald

  14. SWEET! Thought about how that was done, but figured the seed companies made it so most of them would be duds. Thanks for another great vid Donald. -Tom

  15. re: plastic bags vs paper:

    You’re right, paper is the way to go. Plastic bags are air tight and they trap moisture. This causes mold and anaerobic bacteria to ruin the seeds. Paper breathes better – I use envelopes from junk mail.

  16. I have always heard that paper was the way to go go……. Donald

  17. I noticed in your video that you said not to store seed in plastic bags. Is there a reason not to store them in plastic bags? I put some tomato seeds in sandwich bags last fall and stored the bags in a ceramic jar. They seem to be growing ok so far this year. They are only a couple inches tall though. Last fall was the first time that I saved seed…

  18. This year I’m planting more open pollinated / heirloom varieties so I will be saving more seeds. To prevent cross polination I’ll only plant one variety of the ones I plan on saving…… Donald

  19. Do you save other seeds like tomato,beans,punkin from your garden?

  20. Okra are very easy to grow and produce like crazy all summer long…… Donald

  21. Thanks for posting your series on okra. I’ve only grown a few plants in the past – like 6. Am going for about 40 this year and your information made me feel much more confident. Bet there is some good eating at your house!

  22. I supply vegetables for the whole family and sell the rest to help pay expenses…… Donald

  23. I have noticed you do have a large garden. Do you plant for just you and wife or your children as well?

  24. You will lose some seeds but overall it works pretty well.

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