Tomatoes: Growing Indoor Tomatoes Year Round – on How to Grow a Garden with Scarlett

It’s time to pot up our indoor dwarf tomato plants. For more on growing Tomatoes Indoors or in the garden check out my tomato playlist: All Things Tomatoes:…


  1. It’s time to pot up our indoor dwarf tomato plants. 

  2. The votes are in! You are officially the hottest garden babe on Youtube
    with a heat index like that really hot pepper! 🙂 First.

  3. I make a similar concoction with old, dried, cow dung that I dilute 10:1
    and give to my tomatoes and potatoes. It seems to do a good job so I’ll
    keep doing it. I also use it on strawberries and they respond very well,
    especially if applied at the start and end of their season. However, I’ve
    noted that you apply your mix without dilution so I’m going to try that
    this year. If all my plants die I’ll tell everyone you killed them.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  4. Great video Scarlett!
    Have you ever considered making a tomato bonsai by keeping one alive as
    long as possible and keeping it well pruned…?

  5. Another great video Scarlett. I am kinda interested why you wouldn’t split
    tomatoes into different pots when they get that big. I have mine in
    different pots to make it easier to pot them on when they need it
    individually. Was it just a lack of available pots or is there a deeper
    purpose to your strategy? I am really interested. All the best.

  6. I did not know that it was a good idea to touch your plants and that it
    helps them! Watch out plants, I’m gonna get touchy!! Lol!
    Awesome video, Scarlett!!

  7. Excellent video love 🙂 Thumbs Up!

  8. Do you think they’ll be alright in the same pot? 

  9. When I was at Univesity they were doing Interstitial node development on
    various plants. This was done by various methods to move the plants
    about… 1) fans blowing, 2) tables shaking 3) soft foam batons moving over
    them 4) left alone.

    All the plants that were touched or moved were sturdier and stockier where
    as the plants that were untouched became long and leggy. When it came to
    transplanting the touched plants had better survival rates than the
    untouched plants.

  10. cool update thanks for sharing

  11. Touching the leaves. This year, for the first time, I used an oscillating
    fan; blowing over the plants. I’ve noticed my stems are much stronger this
    year. A friend of mine gave my the suggestion and it Works Great!!

  12. Excellent plant care. Love the way you handle your fertz.

  13. Hi Scarlett! Love the tip about touching the plants to make them stronger.
    Great to ‘meet’ you x Jane

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