Temporary Waist High Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

John from www.growingyourgreens.com goes on a field trip to a viewers house to share with you how they are gardening in their backyard. In this video you will see the waist high raised bed kits that are being used to grow food. The waist height raised beds were chosen because the viewers rent and may decided to move any time, so they can easily take their raised bed kits with them. After watching this video you will know how you can grow if you rent or don’t want to invest in a permanent garden.

25 Responses to “Temporary Waist High Raised Bed Vegetable Garden”

  • Praxxus55712 says:

    Wheels on the bottom of the legs would make these beds extremely mobile and very useful.

  • denversees4me says:

    Hi john thanks for the video. I also have two 4×4 beds like these and they rock! Wheres your friend from brazil? You know all of your fans want to know Whats growing on lol she was so cool to watch … I am almost totally blind , her descriptions were very cool and i enjoyed hearing what her reactions were to everything ! Now i need to research the pineapple guava because of her reaction lol hopefully i can grow it here in temecula ca
    Thanks for sharing your passions john because of you

  • denversees4me says:

    Because of yu we are all better gardeners !!!

  • ilovejustinBIEBER65B says:

    nice video! btw, did you take down your video before this one?? where the visitor comes for the summer tour?

  • atomrocketman says:

    you can buy raise beds from home improment rip off stores, or you can make em yourself with 2×4’s

  • edwardsheets says:

    Yeah, what happened to the video with the lovely Brazilian girl?

  • Praxx Suxx says:

    A fairly nice video, thanks for sharing. What happened to your video with your friend from Brazil? That one was so much fun to watch.

  • UnkleAlbert says:

    love yer vids, suggestion… i have trouble hearing some of the AWSOME info. audio levels need leveling out. thanks.

  • 57924hv says:

    I love how the little doggie is always walking around and having a good time in the back ground 😀

  • Sheri Menelli says:

    Hi John, the other video with the Brazilian guest was one of my all time favorite episodes. I’m so sad that it disappeared. I was about to watch it a second time to so I could take notes on everything you both tried and what you thought of it. I wanted to add a lot of those to my garden. If you can’t upload that video, can you post a list of the plants you spoke of in that episode. I only remember Egyptian Spinach. Thanks so much.

  • kmoney14141 says:

    good video and good ideas

  • thedarkestlord ofthemall says:

    Just make sure you don’t plant any praxxus cherry’s in there because they are GMO’s!!!!

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    Sheesh …. too many commercials on your channel lately John!
    They ought to have the trees trimmed to get some light under there.
    I like this idea … I have a lawn that I do not like to water, so putting raised beds like over the grass shades it and helps the grass to grow with less water without killing it. I saw these at Home Depot, but they were pretty expensive. They are nice though … I should find some old crates and build some of these.

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    Those Japanese cucumbers are really hardy plants, and they grow big … they are also prickly. They have a lot of spines and stuff on them. You have to worry that sometimes plants don’t get along together. Sometimes they can put out chemicals that inhibit other plants around them. There are a few books that explain that better. And yes, better not to use chemicals.

  • DanielManahan says:

    I don’t like the raised beds on legs. the root depth is too shallow. a pot would offer better rooting that that. I found limiting root growth is bad news.

  • DanielManahan says:

    I take the bugs and put them directly into the compost pile, let them do their job there and be a benefit, assuming leaves are being thrown in there.

  • rev9video says:

    Everyone I’ve talked to that actually did raised beds said they took too much water to keep them going. You have ideas on that issue?

  • TheProductiveGarden says:

    What great little raised beds. Excellent for apartments and small spaces.

  • SproutMeBaby says:

    Maybe John took down the video because of all the comments from guys who acted like they had never seen a girl before.

  • time4ascension says:


  • pb3ch says:

    really solid episode!  thanks john

  • North Border says:

    My grandparents used plastic forks to keep out the cats. Plant the forks points up. They jump in, get a poke and jump right out never to return. No animals are harmed. Just ticked off.

  • Tommyr says:

    Clever idea! Thanks!

  • Tommyr says:

    You can always make them deeper and most things WILL grow in 6-8 inch depths. You may want something deeper for tomatoes and longer carrots.

  • dannosimonelli says:

    Hey hey another good one Thanks John

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