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Donna’s Garden – Container Update May 24, 2011

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With Nature in Mind: Organic Gardening

UW Bothell and Cascadia Community College have an inspiring staff that is leading the way in organic gardening and landscape management. They have completely phased out pesticides and herbicides while using goats, composting, and a host of other solutions to create a beautiful campus. Learn more by watching the video. Director: David Ryder Producers: Tony Guerrero, Jim Perich-Anderson

HARVESTING WORM CASTINGS TO FERTILIZE MY ORGANIC GARDEN MAY 2011 I wanted to show you a quick video on harvesting worm castings from my worm bin that I buried in the old greenhouse. I put the worms in a long large plastic bin and half buried it in the dirt during the winter time. Most of my worms had already died because of getting too cold. Once I got them into the ground in the old greenhouse, they warmed up and stayed close to the bottom of the bin to stay warm. Now that we have had several months of warm weather, a handful of surviving worms have multiplied many times over. Now that the weather is getting so hot, the worms are staying down close to the bottom again. This time to try to stay cool. By keeping the plastic worm bin in the ground, the temperature averages 58 to 78 degrees year round. To harvest my worm castings (black gold for garden soil), I use a standard metal strainer. The holes are approximately 1/8th inch square. The holes in the strainer are just the size of the granular shape of worm castings. I hang the strainer over a standard Rubbermaid box. I am just taking out a small amount in this demonstration. The rest of the bedding stays in the strainer and gets dumped back into the worm bin. Once I have enough for several of my potted tomatoes plants. I pour the castings into a smaller container and take them to the garden. I sprinkle the castings on the soil around each of the plants. Worm castings have many organic natural benefits for the soil: 1) Improves soil structure; 2) enriches

The Natural way of growing big vegetables!

Learn how to grow giant vegetables. Using only natural growing systems. This system is more than just organic gardening, it takes nature as it’s example and duplicates her way of growing plants. gardening

The Worm Book: The Complete Guide to Gardening and Composting with Worms Reviews

The Worm Book: The Complete Guide to Gardening and Composting with Worms

Worms are the latest (as well as, of course, perhaps the oldest!) trend in earth-friendly gardening, and in this handy guide, the authors of DEAD SNAILS LEAVE NO TRAILS demystify the world of worm wrangling, with everything you need to know to build your own worm bin, make your garden worm-friendly, pamper your soil, and much much more.

List Price: $ 12.99 Price: $ 5.54

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