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Using Cinder Blocks to Grow Beans: Growing and Harvesting

Started with 10 seeds and it multiplied to many! Very simple way to grow beans and as always, harvesting what I grow is fun! As a container, I used cinder blocks, added a mixture of top soil and organic compost, water them, then watch them grow! From purple flowers to green small pods that eventually transformed into beautiful yellow bean pods! The harvesting video was made 6 days ago and today I made my second harvest! I absolutely love it! Check out my Facebook Page:

Nancy Today: Planting Squash 2

Planting my favourite buttercup squash

Vegetable Gardening: Growing kang kong – easy leafy greens

Kang Kong is an easy leafy vegetable to grow on your balcony. Growing Kang Kong provides a healthy vegetable harvest year round. Phil Dudman the Garden Guru shows you how to grow.

Edibles for the Las Vegas Garden & Soil Additives to Grow Better in the Desert

John from goes on a field trip to the Spring Preserve Spring Plant Sale. In this episode you will learn about some edible desert-adapted plants you can grow that are edible. In addition you will learn about some products that were shown including It’ll Gro Volcanic Rock soil additive, and Zeolite soil additive all available locally for Las Vegas Gardeners. In addition, you will learn the #1 tomato plant to grow in the Desert and much more.

Building a bottle tower for container gardening

Plastic bottles stacked into a bottle tower can be recycled to set up a vertical kitchen garden at home. The bottle towers are used for container gardening of vegetables and herbs. How to build such a tower is shown in different steps.

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