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Unknown squash or melon growing in citrus tree well – please identify

Do you think you might know what type of plant is growing here? I added compost to the citrus tree well some time ago, and well, it wasn’t all the way composted. Seeing how cool it looks under the citrus as well as thinking the vine would offer the soil some shade, I decieded to plant a mix of squash and watermelon in a Nort, South, East & West direction. The flowers are yellow and very abundant at times. Now I spotted this huge ball growing like it happened over night, lol….any ideas?

How to grow Chayote Squash Vines

Learn how to grow Chayote Squash vines in this video. John shares his experience with growing chayote for the edible tips. Also great for filling a trellis fast. Loves warm weather.

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