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Low Cost Methods to Build a Vegetable Garden Update

John from goes on a field trip to a friends old victorian home to share updates on what has been growing on at this rental property in terms of growing food with little or no money. In this episode, John will share some of techniques implemented and some things that could use improvment . After watching this episode, you may get some ideas that can help you grow food for low cost at your home.

Summer Garden Update & Fall Planting List – Aug. 14, 2011

So this is a quick update of my garden. My Fall Plants will be a follows: – Turnips – Swiss Chard – Black Zucchini – Spaghetti Squash – Baby Blue Hubbard Squash – Winter Butternut Squash – American Flag Leeks – King Richard Leeks – Oriental Mustard Greens (Taisai) – Oriental Mustard Greens (Kyona) – Arugula (Rocquete) – Endive (Escarole) – Radicchio (type of endive) – Carrots Carnival Clown (Carrots grown in cold temps are sweeter higher sugar content) – Chinese Celery (Kan Tsai) I still need to purchase so of the following: – Cabbage – Broccoli – Spinach – Cauliflower (purple & standard white) – & Winter Melon (aka White Gourd, Ash Gourd, or Fuzzy Melon)

Growing Vegetables in an uncommon container: Part 1

One of the things that is almost highly accessible to grow plants in is a container. I’m going to show you how I made use of a plastic container that has lots of holes to grow vegetables in. Enjoy! :) Check me out on Facebook:

Kelly’s Upside Down Vegetable Garden Update 05

Hello everyone. This is a quick update for July 4, 2009. Not a whole lot new other that tons of growth. I am starting to get ripe tomatoes which is great. Also, I have watermelons coming in and the cantaloupe and cucumbers have small fruit on them so I will have plenty to update you on in the next video. The bad news is that it looks like the Japanese beetles won as far as the grapes go. They are looking quite bad. Almost all the leaves are gone now. I am hopeful that it will come back but it doesn’t look good. The good news however is that I kept them off of everything else. Finally, I have transplanted a few of the last cantaloupe and cauliflower seedlings to large containers so I will see how that goes. That’s about it so until next time. Everyone have a fantastic and safe 4th of July! Happy Gardening and Happy Independence Day America! Kelly

John from shows you from start to finish how to take an abandoned backyard space and transform it into a edible vegetable garden. In this episode, you will learn most everything you will need to know to start growing your food. You will discover the process that John goes through to select the best soil, build the raised beds, layout the raised beds, plant the raised beds and even install the drip irrigation system with a timer. This project took about 2 days to complete. Including 1 day sourcing all materials, and 1 day putting it all together.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Vegetable Gardening: Three Sisters Update Part 2

Patti, the Garden Girl, and her daughter Ale the Garden Kid show you how to maintain a garden. A little fun in the garden. Subscribe to our Free Magazine: And Visit our Website: http

Harvesting, cleaning and pickling beets. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at

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