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Growing Vegetables in Rain Gutters from Seed to Harvest

Your friends Gardener Greg and Floraformer Fred show you progress on growing in rain gutters. Progress from seed to harvest is shown with tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, peas and more. Growing peas and tomatoes in rain gutters is serious alternative gardening. Check out more information on our website. We are working to expand our operation and teach our alternative growing techniques to the masses. Please contribute to our project… http

Container Gardening Season 2 – Week 16: Baby Tomatoes, Pepper and Eggplant Flowers

This week our first tomatoes appeared on our cherry tomato plants and our mysterious heirloom tomato plant–though we see some signs of bottom end rot. Also, Arlen updates on his onion experiment and our jalapeno pepper plan is flowering like crazy. This isour second year attempting to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in containers on our patio in the city. Each week we update with what’s new, good or bad, in our patio garden. This year we are growing: Basil Cherry Tomatoes Cilantro Dill Green Onions Eggplants Habanero Peppers Jalapeno Peppers Spinach Strawberries and a random heirloom tomato plant given to us as a gift Theme music by DoKashiteru –

Raised Bed Heirloom Vegetable Garden Early Summer Tomatoes Squash Zucchini Peppers

This is an update video on my garden. I love checking out other peoples gardens as much as I love showing off mine so here’s another video to show the progress of my garden. I used raied beds as you can see. This was taken June 13th 2009
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Growing Vegetables Anywhere – Patio, Balcony, Greenhouse This video just shows you don’t need a specially prepared growing area in your garden to grow veggies. As long as you have a relatively level flat surface and a sunny spot you’ll do just fine, whether you’re growing on you patio, decking, balcony or lawn.

Growing a vegetable garden on my patio

This is the first video in a series about vegetable gardening in pots on the patio. I will be growing zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, yellow peppers and cilantro. In this episode, I have just planted all the vegetables in three whiskey barrels.

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