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Growing Vegetables in Wine Barrels over Winter

John of shares with you what he is growing in Northern California over the winter time in wine barrels in his driveway, which is usually not useful for planting. You too can grow in wine barrels in a small space including walkway or patio or driveway!

Time Lapse Video of a Growing Squash Blossom

We used a Wingscapes time lapse camera to create a time lapse video of a growing squash blossom. Check out the other time lapse videos on our channel. Please rate, review, comment, like and subscribe. Check out our website to learn more about time lapse video and to see our time lapse cameras.

Planting Potatoes

We tackle the job of planting your summer potatoes. We learn how to plant them in the ground and how to plant them in a container so you can have them on your deck or patio.

How to Grow Beans

A simple way of growing beans.. Follow the steps in the video to find out how to do it…

Time Lapse of Plants Growing

Time lapse of some bush beans growing from seeds. The video was shot over a 24 hour period using a Canon GL2 video camera, and sped up 3000x.

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