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Growing Vegetable Indoors ? The Super Low-Maintenance Technique

Growing Vegetable Indoors – The Super Low-Maintenance Technique

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Home Page > Home Improvement > Gardening > Growing Vegetable Indoors – The Super Low-Maintenance Technique

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Growing Vegetable Indoors – The Super Low-Maintenance Technique

By: Rob Ethrington
Posted: Oct 04, 2010


You know, I love growing vegetable indoors. And since I discovered this super low-maintenance technique, I love it even more!

So, what exactly is this “super low-maintenance” technique?

It’s an ecologically-based gardening process designed in such a way that it actually mimics natural habitat. If you set it up properly, you will be able to grow and harvest fresh organic vegetables on a daily basis.

Frankly, I only started using this gardening technique almost a year ago. And so far the results have exceeded my expectations – so much that I plan on growing vegetable indoors by utilizing this technique exclusively from now on.

Note: Additional resources regarding this subject can be found via this link.

It’s very low-maintenance as you don’t need to use chemicals and you don’t have to spend a lot of time tending your indoor vegetable garden.

The ecological gardening technique makes use of special compost application in order to induce positive effect on your soil structure and fertility.  

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So even with very little maintenance, you will still be able to grow fresh organic vegetables – even much more than conventional vegetable garden!

Trust me, growing vegetable indoors using this technique is very simple. You could even set it up in a small area and still achieve desirable results, without having to spend a lot of time on it.

Here’s a simple method on how to set up an organic vegetable garden indoors.

(1) Get a bunch of containers with proper drainage holes. I suggest you try obtaining some old polystyrene boxes and use them as containers for your vegetable plants.

(2) Fill the boxes with some decent potting mixture and line them up closely. Basically, you arrange them side by side and fit in as many containers as possible within your desired area.

(3) As for the composting arrangement. Well if you plan on having a very small indoor vegetable garden, then it’s not necessary to establish a large composting system.

Instead, you can opt to buy a worm farm. And then simply apply some worm juice and worm casts on your indoor organic garden’s soil.

Once the containers are arranged in this fashion, you can then utilize the ecological gardening method to the fullest.

Ecological gardening – there’s no better way of growing vegetable indoors! It’s so simple to set up and so easy to maintain.

In fact, video tutorials with step-by-step project plan guide are also available online which makes things even much easier.

If you want to set it up quickly, just watch the videos and refer the project plan guide by following this link:

The video series and project guide will show you exactly how to set up an ecological organic vegetable garden or even convert your existing conventional vegetable garden.

Rob Ethrington – About the Author:

Rob Ethrington



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