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Garden Update #1 This years layout. Raised Bed Square Foot Container Vegetable Gardening

Tour of the varieties and overall layout. Tomatoes and peppers and leafy green vegetables. Raised bed garden container gardening. sun sugar cherry tomatoes lady bug tomato roma brandywine jalapeno hot peppers how to grow bell pepper hole mole pepperoncini corno di toro bulls horn joi choi pac choy bok pak super sugar snap pea snow peas southern giant mustard greens renegade spinach shtf prepper wrol preparedness georgia collards detroit beets early wonder tall top french breakfast radish tuscano dinosaur kale dino black red russian kale save seeds harvest seed scallions pasilla bajio black hungarian hot red sail buttercrunch red marshall green ice leaf lettuce home grown hybrid hakurei turnip white lady turnips square foot

How to grow a verticle upright squash plant and other vines in a small garden space

How to grow squash and other ground vine plants upright in a cage. Wire fence cage system for containing gangly fruit and vegetable vines and maximise the yield in small space gardens.

Garden Update #3 – May 30th, 2010 – Raised bed and container vegetable gardening

Husky Cherry Red Tomato – Snow Peas – Italian Basil – Turnips – Radish – Lettuce – Pole Beans purple and kentucky blue – Malabar Spinach and Egyptian – compost and azomite – Cucumbers harvest

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Growing a Moss Garden

I don’t know about you, but one of the most intriguing things about this time of year is the color green. Everywhere you turn there are all these different shades of green, and I love the shades that are reflected in moss. Just take a look at some of this that I gathered in the woods. Moss is often underrated and underestimated. There are lots of uses for it. If you got a situation where you can’t grow grass–it’s too shady or maybe the soil’s too acidic– you might just think about doing an entire landscape of moss. It can be very beautiful and compelling. For me, moss goes beyond color. It’s the texture that can really arrest your attention. You take moss with its velveteen covering, a few rocks, and flowing water–well, you’ve created a magical space. Now, what I’m doing today is I’m actually going to get some moss started on some of these pots. In my shade garden, they look really good with moss growing on them. They look really old. This is a very simple recipe. You simply take some club moss that you would gather in the woods. You take one part moss to one part sugar to 3 parts beer–ah, the secret ingredient–and hit “puree.” Now, let this blend for about one minute. What you’re creating here is really a moss smoothie. You just take off the lid. Now you’re ready to take this mixture and just apply it to the container like this. Now, one little tip: you can actually moisten the container, soak them in water, and they’ll take the substance in better than if they’re

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