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Container Gardening Season 2 – Week 3: Seedlings & Sprouts!

This week we finally see some life from our seeds and embark on a few new experiments, including growing our own sprouts. Also, thanks to buying a box of Triscuits we got some free dill seeds to plant. This is our second year attempting to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in containers on our patio in the city. Each week we update with what’s new, good or bad, in our patio garden. This year we are growing: Basil Cherry Tomatoes Cilantro Dill Green Onions Eggplants Habanero Peppers Jalapeno Peppers Oregano Lettuce Spinach Strawberries and a random heirloom tomato plant given to us as a gift Theme music by DoKashiteru –

Vegetable Container Garden 2011 pt.3

Another quick update taken April 8, 2011 showing the progress of my little veggie garden plants. Everything is still on track

How to Grow Beans

A simple way of growing beans.. Follow the steps in the video to find out how to do it…

Planting Strawberries for a Landscape Ground Cover

Watch Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl and Al, the Garden Kid plant strawberry plants together. Read the companion article here: Visit and sign up for a free subscription to Patti’s online magazine. Thanks for watching.

Topsy Turvy, Garden Containers, Upside Down Pots, Growing Tomatoes, Peppers & Herbs Update 4

Another weekly update on our upside down and container garden. Broccoli struggling a little bit and one of my upside down tomatoes in a container is not as healthy as it’s “sister” growing right side up. Cucumbers are doing gang busters! Getting lots of tomatoes and peppers. Having a blast here! I’m sure you’re not here to read this anyhow….enjoy the video! Thanks for watching and if you have any suggestions, please leave them.

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