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Cucumbers, Amaranth, Squash Vine Bores, Asian Long Beans

This is just a mid summer update from the urban survival garden. That really is one cucumber plant that has taken over the trellis. The camerawoman had trouble staying in focus on the squash borers so I spliced in some footage of them. The clipping sound you hear during these shots is me cutting the little pricks in half! Note also how great the gypsy peppers are doing and how many side shoots the Hopi Red Dye Amaranth is putting out. Make sure to tune in to parts two and three.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

To ensure a bumper crop from your pumpkin vine just follow this simple step and ye shall receive! FACEBOOK

The Bath Squash And Pumpkin Project – Part 2

A guide to planting squash and the benefits to health of eating squash. Script by Ash Mandrake, The Bard of Bath. Produced by Emporium Arts, filmed and edited by ian clutterbuck. The song “Pumpkin Brains” written and performed by The Mandrake Project

Tending Zucchini and Squash and Finding Squash Bug Eggs

This is my first voiced video so cut me a bit of slack. This video will show you how to identify squash bug eggs and give you some tips on growing squash and vine crops. You can have 100’s of squash bug eggs on your plants. They will all hatch. Seek them out and remove them.

How to Prune Your Cucumbers to Grow them Vertically up a Trellis

John from will show you how he prunes his cucumber plants to grow them vertically up a trellis. In this video John will explain why he is pruning or single stemming his cucumbers so that he can better manage them when growing them up a vertical trellis. After watching this video you will learn how to properly train your cucumbers (as well as tomatoes) to get them to grow vertically and produce more fruit.


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