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Growing Bean Sprouts in a Hemp Bag

Bean sprouts all grow the same way, so these instructions will work for any bean you want to sprout in a bag sprouter. The Hemp Bag is phenomenally easy to use, and beans are the perfect crop to grow in it. This video stars Sproutpeople’s gorgeous mix of lentils; Peasant Mix as “The Bean”. Happy Sprouting!

Growing Bean Sprouts in a SproutMaster

As we’ve said before, all beans sprout the same way – so these instructions will show you how to grow any bean sprout in a SproutMaster. SproutMaster is the finest Tray Sprouter in the world (in the opinion of Sproutpeople). It’s versatile – you can grow just about anything, and easy to grow in. Today’s star – representing bean sprouts – is our lovely pea mix; Pea Carnival.

How to grow a Pineapple inside!

So simple, yet so fun & they even produce pineapples! Do this with your kids. No knives, mess or skill needed. Great for adults too. And the best part is ……(insert drum roll here)… can eat the pineapple after planting the top. NOTHING gets wasted!

Time Lapse of Plants Growing

Time lapse of some bush beans growing from seeds. The video was shot over a 24 hour period using a Canon GL2 video camera, and sped up 3000x.

Sprout! Graphic Vegetable Garden Design Software

Sprout! Graphic Vegetable Garden Design Software


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