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Okra, Clemson Spineless #80 (24June12)

Please visit DFW Gardener at I wish everything was growing as well as this okra.
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Planting Crimson Okra

The title says it all.
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This is a method of growing all types of plants in a ebb & flow system in perlite.CLEMSON SPINELESS ..This spineless variety of okra is the most popular. The 4—5′ tall plants produce medium-green pods measuring 3″—9″ long. Okra is used as the thickening agent in Cajun gumbo, but it also can be boiled, broiled, fried, roasted, steamed, canned, or pickled. Use dried pods in flower arrangements! Soil & Water: Okra prefers moderately rich soil. Its low water requirements make it an easy plant to grow. Planting & Growing: Okra is heat loving. Sow seeds outside in spring after all danger of frost has passed, when the soil temperature has reached 70°F. It’s a good succession plant after early, spring-maturing crops. Expect good yields on this 4′-tall, bushy plant. Harvesting & Storage: Pick okra pods when they are 2″—3″ long for tenderness. They are best tasting when eaten the same day. Some people develop a contact dermatitis while handling okra; avoid the itchiness by wearing a long-sleeved shirt and gloves. Did You Know? Roasted okra seeds can be ground and used as a coffee substitute.hydropond okra 37 days part#

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