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Growing vegetables on your balcony – Part 1

How to grow fresh vegetables in a small space, for more information on vegetable gardening please visit

How to grow Zucchini & Squash in pots.

This is the 2nd year i have been growing Zucchini in hanging pots, and i show you how effective and simple it is to do, also that it is possible to do because you will have alot of people tell you it cant be done. Please subscribe to my channel for more video updates.

Grow a Patio Vegetable Garden with 14 Crops in 2 Square Feet – The Garden Stick

John from goes on a field trip to Davie, Florida to visit Fuller’s Farmers Market, home oft he Garden Stick. In this episode, you will learn how you can grow over a dozen plants in your Condo, Apartment, Deck, Patio or Balcony in about 2 square feet of space with this unique planter that allows you to grow a vegetable garden vertically.

How to Grow a Garden in Your Apartment

Learn how to play Christmas songs on the piano – If you live in an apartment, don’t let the limited space stop you from growing a garden.

Growing Food in Containers in an Apartment or Condo – Planning your Vegetable Garden

John from visits a friends apartment to consult with her on where she can grow and set up a plan on filling that space with custom built raised beds.

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