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Garden Update: Planting Vegetables

The turning, tilling, weeding, and making of rows is finished. Now it’s time to lant the garden and get the vegetables into the ground. The shade provided from the Tree of Heaven is relieving. I find it hard to get up from my lawn chair at times, so comfortable and enjoyable to watch the balloons flying overhead. I work up quite an appetite though and go through water like a hydroelectric dam. My body craves salt and I drink Gatorade to replenish electrolytes. Nibbling on the wild edibles that grow near the garden’s edge helps keep me going too; mustard, clover, lemon wood sorrel, cleavers and wild violets. Just having some fun and trying to show a different perspective on gardening. Gardening is hard, but rewarding work. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and seeing the fruits of my labor come to form. Just because the work is hard doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun doing it. Laughing and making fun is what keeps me motivated. Tags: vegetable gardening planting plant sow reap weed cultivate hoe rake shovel agriculture garden horticulture fruit flower science botany botanical nightshade mustard legume grass family “farmers market” “food for the needy” organic off grid be prepared survival self reliance “pepper prepper” “raw food” homegrown down on the farm three sisters squash beans corn maize “teosinte grass” evolution selective harvest breeding monoculture glucosinolate herbicide nematocide fungicide bio diesel biology permaculture wildcrafting

Allotment Diary : Growing Vegetables How to Grow / Transplant Leeks.

Just a quick video showing how I go about the procedure of transplanting my leek plants into their final growing positions in the allotment. Leek plants are about ready to transplant when they are about 12″ tall and pencil thickness but as It’s been raining for the last fortnight here mine have grown a bit bigger. Then simply make planting holes anywhere from 6-9″ deep with a big dibber about 2″ wide. Space the holes from 9″ apart in the row and the rows 12″ apart or more The depth of the hole determines the length of white leek stem you’ll get as this will be growing underground,out of the sunlight and this “Blanches” the stalk turning it white. Then separate each leak plant and simply drop one plant into each hole. Then carefully fill the hole with water to wash a little soil over the roots. Don’t be tempted to fill the hole with soil or you’ll end up with soil between the leaves and end up with gritty leeks when it comes time to harvest them. That’s about it really.

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