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Choosing What to Plant in Your Vegetable Garden

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Vegetable Garden – How to Plant Seeds Outdoors

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Container Gardening Season 2 – Week 3: Seedlings & Sprouts!

This week we finally see some life from our seeds and embark on a few new experiments, including growing our own sprouts. Also, thanks to buying a box of Triscuits we got some free dill seeds to plant. This is our second year attempting to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in containers on our patio in the city. Each week we update with what’s new, good or bad, in our patio garden. This year we are growing: Basil Cherry Tomatoes Cilantro Dill Green Onions Eggplants Habanero Peppers Jalapeno Peppers Oregano Lettuce Spinach Strawberries and a random heirloom tomato plant given to us as a gift Theme music by DoKashiteru –

Seedlings Update 2011

Seedlings are growing great… But, there getting pretty tall. Is it time to Transplant..?? Any Tips or advice would be appericated…!! Thanks..
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How to Plant a Bonnie Plant from a Peat Pot into Your Vegetable Garden

John from shares with you how he transplants starts that are in peat pots into his raised bed garden. In this episode you will learn John’s method for transplanting that has gotten him a high success rate when planting vegetable starts in his square foot raised bed garden. After watching this episode, you will learn about the two ways he adds beneficial microbes when transplanting to encourage healthy root growth and explosive yields.

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