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Growing Calcium. Vegetables you can grow that are high in Calcium

John from shares with you four vegetables that he is growing in his garden that are higher in calcium than milk. He also talks about adding minerals to the soil with Rock Dust.

Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden with John’s Favorite Products at Orange County Farm Supply

John from goes on a field trip to Orange County Farm Supply to share with you some products that can help you grow a vegetable garden organically. In this episode you will learn about some of John’s favorite products that are being offered at this Farm Supply / Nursery. After watching this episode you will have a better understanding on how to deal with pests in the garden and how to grow healthy food crops.

Vegetables You Can Grow in the Winter Edible Garden

John from takes you on a tour of his suburban front yard garden where he is growing many vegetables over the winter time. In this video, you will learn about some of the vegetables that can be grown in the winter time. After watching this video you will also learn about one of Johns new upcoming vegetables that is relatively unknown.

Garden Update #3 – May 30th, 2010 – Raised bed and container vegetable gardening

Husky Cherry Red Tomato – Snow Peas – Italian Basil – Turnips – Radish – Lettuce – Pole Beans purple and kentucky blue – Malabar Spinach and Egyptian – compost and azomite – Cucumbers harvest

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