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Rooftop Garden Grows Food to Feed Customers at Busy Cafe

John from goes on a field trip to show you a Rooftop Raised Bed Garden that is being used to feed people at Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe, in Fairfield, CT. In this video John will show the garden after their first growing season. In addition, you will discover the plants would be most beneficial to grow that will yield the most usable produce for the cafe. After watching this episode you will learn the plants that did the plants that did best as well as what the cafe plans to plant in the future.

Local Farmers grow Hubbard Squash for Bavarian Inn Restaurant

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant and the Weiss Family Farm have worked together for years to provide Blue Hubbard Squash for guests to enjoy. The video reveals the secrets of how the squash is grown, harvested and processed. Another way to help achieve the Bavarian Inn Restaurant’s goal to use more Michigan-made products than any other restaurant.

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