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How Do You Grow Your Fruit So Big? Recipes from the Garden and other Q & A

John from answers your gardening questions including: 1. Do you have any suggestions on edibles that can grow in poor light conditions? 2. How do you grow your pepino melon so big? 3. Would you consider doing a video on how you use the food fresh from your garden? Here is the playlist to watch to see how I prepare the food I grow:

Q&A’s Growing Vegetables in South Florida, Can I grow a nut tree or am I nuts?

John from gives a quick garden updat and answers your questions including How many people your garden is feeding, Growing and Planting Vegetables in South Florida, Growing nut trees in small spaces, so grow hull-less pumpkin seeds aka pepitas or mexican pumpkin seeds.

Rainbow Radish Cucumber Salad Recipe – Fresh from the Garden

John from shares with you how he uses his freshly harvested Watermelon Radishes, and Purple Plum Radishes.. Radishes are most commoly used as Crudités, or sliced ontop salads… Not any more.. In this episode, you will learn how John centers his salad around Radishes, and processes them it in a unique way to make long spaghetti-like strands out of his radishes to create a delicious rainbow radish cucumber salad that is delicious and nutritious.

Growing Summer Squash Zephyr

In this weeks episode of Growing Wisdom Dave introduces us to a unique little guy called Summer Squash Zephyr. Zephyr has a very unique pattern of stripes and colors that fades from green to yellow.

Planting Starts for a Winter Garden

For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, visit The Fall Equinox is upon us, the summer harvest is winding down, and the temperatures are beginning to drop. Have you considered growing a winter garden? for more Stories, Food News, & Growing Food videos, visit

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