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Growing Vegetables in an uncommon container: Part 1

One of the things that is almost highly accessible to grow plants in is a container. I’m going to show you how I made use of a plastic container that has lots of holes to grow vegetables in. Enjoy! :) Check me out on Facebook:

Rainbow Radish Cucumber Salad Recipe – Fresh from the Garden

John from shares with you how he uses his freshly harvested Watermelon Radishes, and Purple Plum Radishes.. Radishes are most commoly used as Crudités, or sliced ontop salads… Not any more.. In this episode, you will learn how John centers his salad around Radishes, and processes them it in a unique way to make long spaghetti-like strands out of his radishes to create a delicious rainbow radish cucumber salad that is delicious and nutritious.

Upside Down Hanging Vegetable Garden — Containers, Plastic Drums, Bags, and Toilets

Container gardening and hanging vegetables at the beginning of winter in south Florida. Hope ya’ll enjoy and check out my other videos, rate them, and don’t forget to subscribe. Feel free to leave a comment and if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them all to the best of my ability. Thanks, Bullseye

Growing Radishes Garden Update 2010 England part 3

Garden Update #2 – May 21, 2010 – Raised bed and container vegetable gardening

Garden update May 21, 2010. Red Sails lettuce buttercrunch renegade spinach snow peas, helios radish icicle, red meat, black spanish, shunkyo hailstone, joi choi pak pac bok choy, purple onion, cherry tomato, jalapeno peppers, ancho, north star corno di toro pepper

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