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Watering Tomatoes & Planting Squash

It is time to water the tomatoes as well as plant some squash and several other vegetables

The Bath Squash And Pumpkin Project – Part 2

A guide to planting squash and the benefits to health of eating squash. Script by Ash Mandrake, The Bard of Bath. Produced by Emporium Arts, filmed and edited by ian clutterbuck. The song “Pumpkin Brains” written and performed by The Mandrake Project

How to Prune Your Cucumbers to Grow them Vertically up a Trellis

John from will show you how he prunes his cucumber plants to grow them vertically up a trellis. In this video John will explain why he is pruning or single stemming his cucumbers so that he can better manage them when growing them up a vertical trellis. After watching this video you will learn how to properly train your cucumbers (as well as tomatoes) to get them to grow vertically and produce more fruit.


Should I cut the tip of the vine when it gets to the other side? Thoughts? If you like us & our videos, please click on “like”, and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Please visit our Ebay store at JIMBOSSUPERSTORE.COM

Growing Vegetables – Sowing Squash, Watermelon & Pumpkin & Flowers Part 1

Planted 4 varieties of squash and watermelon. 1 variety of pumpkin, 3 varieties of nasturtium and 2 varieties of sweet peas

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