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Best Books on Organic Gardening and Growing Food at Home

John from shares with you his favorite books for organic gardening. In this episode, John will go on a field trip to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Petaluma, California and share with you some of his favorite books on organic gardening. After watching this episode you will now know the best books for identifying pests, weeds and the best books so you can grow more and consume less. Finally John will share his favorite two books on food preservation and they aren’t about canning.

First Year Growing a Vegetable Garden in Las Vegas = A Success!

John from goes on a field trip to a unsuspecting subscribers house to learn whats growing on. In this episode you will see an excellent example of what vegetables you can grow successfully in the Las Vegas Desert . Also learn about a medicinal food that you can grow in the shade that will just keep multiplying!

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