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Fast Growing Squash – It’s Time To Eat !

It’s been 30 days now since I planted this garden spot. The combination of summer heat and water makes for some very rapid growth. The squash and zucchini are already producing. And the corn has been side dressed and”laid by”. Vegetables grow much faster during the summer months. So if your seed packets say 50-60 days to harvest, you can usually expect a harvest a good 10-15 days sooner. This is something to keep in mind if you get in a situation where you need something to eat in a short amount of time. For people who don’t like to eat squash, it can be cooked in many ways or even eaten raw. It’s a good addition to any home garden and provides you an excellent return on your time and effoerts.

Prepping Dirt and Planting a Grow Box for My Indoor Garden

Today is January 1, 2012 and I am prepping a Grow Box. I am filling it with my growing mix, and planting yellow squash seedlings for my indoor garden. This is place inside my glassed in porch here in Florida. You can get the grow boxes here:

A Three Sisters garden is the American Indian tradition of companion planting corn, beans and squash. While organizing my seeds, I discovered a couple packages of two-year-old Indian corn, apparently nabbed in an end-of-the-season seed sale frenzy … and forgotten. I also have a woefully underused area in the greenhouse. A match made in heaven? We’ll see!

Growing Potatoes Above Ground – My Russian Fingerling potatoes came from Wood Prarie Farms. They are great people. Really interested in helping their customers. This is the first time I have grown potatoes above or below ground. It is one of my great gardening adventures. So far the potatoes are growing great. I’ll update later in the season to let you know what kind of yield I get.

Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Growing Organic

I show how to grow organically using my Off-Grid Self-Watering Container gardening system. I prefer growing organically. It is just as easy as using chemical fertilizers and you get much healthier plants and better tasting food.

SHTF Survival Gardening in Containers

Finally got some Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Basil and Oregano in the ground – err – buckets! Not soon enough for the latest increase in food prices though. Container gardening with “earth box” type planters made from buckets and Rubbermaid containers. It is a self watering bucket garden! Next is brussel sprouts, head lettuce, and a Jalapeno plant.

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