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How to Plant a Perennial Garden 6 Easy Steps for Growing a Perennial Garden: 1. Choose a large open location, that will provide full sun, partial sun, and full shade. 2. Sketch a plan for your garden. 3. Choose your plants that have varying heights to add excitement to your garden. 4. Dig the bed and amend the soil with a rich compost. Rake the soil out smoothly. 5. Place the plants, giving them plenty of space to grow. Plant them as deep as the pot, not any deeper. 6. Mulch your perennials, to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and unify the look of your garden. For more information and tips on growing a perennial garden, visit

Planting Your Herb Garden

Click here: A brief overview of how to plant a successful herb garden. The video covers the three types of herbs; annuals, perennials and biennials and the ideal planting conditions to insure bumper crop of delicious herbs. Visit my youtube channel here HowStuffWorks “How to Grow an Herb Garden: Tips and Guidelines”Here are some smart tips for growing herbs, like how to improve the soil, fertilize, and design knot gardens. Herb GardeningInformation on herb gardening. Photos and step by step processes… very easy … I prefer to plant the seed where it is to grow directly to -the garden in … The Culinary Herb Garden:Planting, Maintaining and Using Culinary …Quick, plant an Herb Garden! Lucky for you, this is fun and exciting to do. It is more fun now than it has ever been. Life in today’s culinary herb garden … Herb Gardening – Planning and Planting an Herb GardenHerbs are some of the easiest plants to grow and they grow effusively. Most require little maintenance, unless you have the notion of planting a tidy ……/herbsspecificplants1/…/Herb_Gardens.htm — Growing an Herb Garden – West Virginia UniversityOffers information for beginning herb gardeners on history, cultivation, harvesting, and uses of herbs (herb

Gardening Tips: Container Vegetable Gardening

Jonathan and Debbie show you just how easy it is the have your own fresh vegetables. And you don’t need a big garden to do it!

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