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Rooftop Garden Grows Food to Feed Customers at Busy Cafe

John from goes on a field trip to show you a Rooftop Raised Bed Garden that is being used to feed people at Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe, in Fairfield, CT. In this video John will show the garden after their first growing season. In addition, you will discover the plants would be most beneficial to grow that will yield the most usable produce for the cafe. After watching this episode you will learn the plants that did the plants that did best as well as what the cafe plans to plant in the future.

Temporary Waist High Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

John from goes on a field trip to a viewers house to share with you how they are gardening in their backyard. In this video you will see the waist high raised bed kits that are being used to grow food. The waist height raised beds were chosen because the viewers rent and may decided to move any time, so they can easily take their raised bed kits with them. After watching this video you will know how you can grow if you rent or don’t want to invest in a permanent garden.

How to grow potatoes in bags

If you haven’t got a garden or allotment you can grow potatoes in bags on patios and balconies instead. In this video I experiment to see how easy to use potato bags are.

Barney & Friends – Planting Your Very Own Garden! (Part 3)

(aka Shawn and the Beanstalk) When Shawn is concerned that his plant is not growing, Barney informs him that plants need time to grow. This leads to a whole day talking about plants. Barney and the gang even tell their own version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” in a Seussian rhyme. Sixth episode without closed-captions.

Growing Radishes Garden Update 2010 England part 3

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