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Growing Vegetable Seedlings

How to grow vegetable seedlings for your garden with Bill Merrill

3 Organic Gardening Tips That You Must Not Neglect

Check out for the free ’15 Vital Organic Gardening Lessons For Becoming A Better Organic Gardener’. Here are 3 of the most important organic gardening tips for you to remember. Are you doing all of them? Is there one you could do better in your organic garden? Let me know below. And read today’s full blog post at http

Organic gardening, grow your own food

Peter Kearney introduces you to the organic and biodynamic gardening educational services of his company Cityfood Growers at Extensive organic gardening content on vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and grains, which can all be localised online to your climate for every town and city of Australia, USA and New Zealand. giving unprecedented accuracy for organic and biodynamic growing of food. Take a free tour at or subscribe to a free gardening newsletter. Organic and biodynamic gardening workshops and urban agriculture consulting services in Australia, plus online organic gardening educational content for schools in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Easy Trellises for Beans and Peas

An easy, elegant trellis for growing beans and peas. FarmCity in Vancouver helps you design and build food gardens – in your backyard or on your balcony – so you can grow organic food year round.

Organic Gardening Series – Part 3 (Build Your Own Plant Grow Light Stand) – In this video, Jenny explains how they built their own simple and inexpensive plant light stand that has provided several years worth of garden starts successfully. Note from Jenny Here are a couple other options for reflective material to increase lighting: 1. Painted boards (white flat or eggshell paint, not gloss!) 2. Silver Mylar (by the roll or a thermal Mylar emergency blanket cut in wide strips) Using the insulation (shown in the video) helps lock in heat and the beaded surface reflects the light in many different angles for your plants. I recommend replacing your fluorescent tubes yearly to be certain your plants are receiving enough light. You can also read my blog on this topic: Happy Seeding! Jenny

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