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Temporary Waist High Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

John from goes on a field trip to a viewers house to share with you how they are gardening in their backyard. In this video you will see the waist high raised bed kits that are being used to grow food. The waist height raised beds were chosen because the viewers rent and may decided to move any time, so they can easily take their raised bed kits with them. After watching this video you will know how you can grow if you rent or don’t want to invest in a permanent garden.

No Build Square Foot Raised Bed Garden – Third Year and Growing Strong

John from goes on a field trip to Rick and Karin’s place to share with you the No-Build Square Foot Raised Bed Garden. In this episode, you will learn how Rick and Karin have progressively expanded their garden by building out a new raised bed each year for the first and second year. For the third year, they decided to do a no-build raised bed garden. In this video learn more about this zero construction garden and how you can make one too.

Vegetable Gardening: Growing Zucchini / Courgette: How to Grow

Wondering why your zucchinis/courgettes won’t develop properly? The Garden Guru Phil Dudman helps you solve this problem. See more videos at

Growing Potatoes no Dig

Taken from Better Homes and Garden recorded from the lifestyle channel on Austar, a video about how to create a no dig potato patch using bamboo.

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