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Home Vegetable Gardening Part I

Join Robert Norris, Associate Professor and Associate Botanist at UC Davis, as he discusses home vegetable gardening. Topics include tools needed, recommended reading, ground preparation, planting dates, selection of varieties, and seed planting depths. Series: “California Master Gardener Lecture Series” [7/2002] [Science] [Agriculture] [Show ID: 6675]

Deck Container Gardening

Howard County Master Gardener Lois Wehren shows us the container garden she has on her deck and shares some great tips on how to start one of your own. Read more about vegetable container gardening, click here to view our publication: This video is brought to you by the Home and Garden Information Center, part of University of Maryland Extension. Learn about our Grow It Eat It campaign, which provides resources and encourages people to start their own food gardens. Check out our facebook page for more gardening advice: Shot and Edited by: Alix Watson and Emily Heimsoth

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