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How to Plant a Perennial Garden 6 Easy Steps for Growing a Perennial Garden: 1. Choose a large open location, that will provide full sun, partial sun, and full shade. 2. Sketch a plan for your garden. 3. Choose your plants that have varying heights to add excitement to your garden. 4. Dig the bed and amend the soil with a rich compost. Rake the soil out smoothly. 5. Place the plants, giving them plenty of space to grow. Plant them as deep as the pot, not any deeper. 6. Mulch your perennials, to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and unify the look of your garden. For more information and tips on growing a perennial garden, visit

How to Grow Vegetables and Herbs in Your Home Garden

Lowe’s gardening expert, Erika Vetrini, shares tips on growing vegetables and herbs such as basil, tomatoes, lettuce and radishes. To learn from more gardening videos like this one, visit

Choosing Fall Flowers for Container Gardening and Window Boxes

You can replace and revive summer planting containers with fresh fall-flowering plants. Lowe’s shows you 5 colorful options for autumn containers and window boxes. 1. Pansies – Pansies have large single petals and come in blue, purple, maroon, white and yellow, as well as a mix of bicolors. These hardy flowers look great edging a container or window box because of their short stature and large cheery flowers. 2. Kale – Ornamental kale offers big, colorful, frilly leaves in white, purple, pink and green-blue. You need just a few plants to fill up a container or window box. Kales like the cool temperatures of autumn, and they’ll stand up to frost, too. 3. Asters – Dwarf varieties of asters grow 6 to 8 inches tall and are covered with fringed flowers in purple, blue, or pink with bright yellow centers. 4. Chrysanthemums – Chrysanthemums, or mums for short, are a fall favorite and a standout for containers and window boxes because they come in many different colors, like red, lavender, white, yellow, gold, russet and chartreuse. Mums come in double and single flowers, too. 5. Gourds and pumpkins – There’s no planting involved—just stack them into a container or mix them with plants. You can grow your own gourds and mini pumpkins, of course! To find fall ready plants and supplies for your containers, visit For more information about every type of plant or flower, visit

Growing Tomatoes There are several different types of tomatoes. There are the larger slicing tomatoes which are used for sandwiches and salads. Paste tomatoes are good for spaghetti, pizza and sauces. Cherry and snacking tomatoes are smaller, sweet and easier to grow. 7 Tips for Growing Tomatoes from Lowe’s: 1. Plant them in full sun, where they will get 6-8 hours of daylight. 2. Plant the tomatoes in a good soil. Improve the drainage and nutrients in your soil by adding compost. 3. Give your tomatoes 2-3 feet of space to grow properly and avoid diseases. 4. Stake or cage your tomatoes when they are young to provide a good support system. 5. Water the tomatoes with about an inch of water a week. Water the roots and soil, not the leaves, to avoid diseases. 6. Check your tomato plant’s leaves for pests. 7. Fertilize your tomatoes by sprinkling a slow release fertilizer around the roots. Find fertilizer and products to care for your tomatoes at

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