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Easy Vegetable Gardening

Think growing vegetables is hard work? Pam & Paul built an easy vegetable garden with raised beds on their farm in upstate South Carolina. Pam shows you how we built and planted our vegetables plus gives you some tips on growing organic vegetables without a lot of time and fuss. Pam Stone, Sharon Decker and Ramona Holloway host the radio program “The Satisfied Life” out of Charlottle, NC. Paul Zimmerman is Pam’s other half and owns Ashdown Roses.

Prepping Dirt and Planting a Grow Box for My Indoor Garden

Today is January 1, 2012 and I am prepping a Grow Box. I am filling it with my growing mix, and planting yellow squash seedlings for my indoor garden. This is place inside my glassed in porch here in Florida. You can get the grow boxes here:

How to Grow Beans

A simple way of growing beans.. Follow the steps in the video to find out how to do it…

Growing, Older: A Chronicle of Death, Life, and Vegetables

Growing, Older: A Chronicle of Death, Life, and Vegetables

  • Ships from Vermont
Michael Pollan calls her one of his food heroes. Barbara Kingsolver credits her with shaping the history and politics of food in the United States. And countless others who have vied for a food revolution, pushed organics, and reawakened Americans to growing their own food and eating locally consider her both teacher and muse.Joan Gussow has influenced thousands through her books, This Organic Life and The Feeding Web, her lectures, and the simple fact that she lives what she preaches. Now in he

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    Indoor Growing – Add Quality to Your Life and Diet

    Indoor growing of plants is taking off in leaps and bounds. It seems like every other person is learning about it or starting to grow a few plants indoors.  What a wonderful thing to do for your family and yourself!

    Of course, if you go the “hydroponics” route, you’re going to have a much easier time of it.  No soil, no bugs and no pesticides with you indoor growing.  What could be better? Whether it be tomatoes, basil or roses, all will thrive in a hydroponics situation. Indoor growing can provide you with fresh vegetable, fruits, herbs and flowers.  How satisfying is that?

    Here’s what you need to get started with your indoor growing:

    A deep reservoir  that will hold your water and nutrients.
    A tray on top with rounds cut out to hold your net pots.
    A medium to put in the net pots to hold the plants steady.
    Either little cuttings (clones) of your favourite plants or seeds for your indoor growing.
    If you have seeds you need some Rockwool cubes to bury the seeds in.
    To start with, you will need a flourescent light strip over your tender little plants, a few inches above them.
    After about ten days, you will need to get a stronger light and a light hood to hold the bulb for your indoor growing. This should be a sodium bulbs for a couple of weeks and then you switch to a halide bulb to make your plant flower or fruit.
    This light should be about a foot above the plants and moved up a little as they grow.
    And that’s it!

    Indoor growing is very simple but the secret to successful indoor growing is in the nutrient mixture you feed to your plants. Make sure to research what each type or plant needs to make it happy and healthy. This is very important. You will not have the success you want unless you pay attention to the plant’s diet. Just like humans, if you feed them good, nourishing food, you get happy, healthy people.

    For your indoor growing, a heat mat is good to have, especially for starting seedlings. To provide oxygen in the water where your plant’s roots will sit, you can get a little fish tank aerating bubbler pump. The roots need to be in the dark so the water reservoir for your indoor growing needs to be opaque to keep the light out.

    Indoor growing will provide hours of enjoyment.  Even savouring the perfume of the flowers or the aroma of the vegetables and herbs will feed your soul. For a senior person, this will bring back memories of a younger life when gardening was essential to daily living. Indoor growing can add quality to the life of a shut-in or disabled person as well.

    Imagine having a little indoor growing garden on your counter-top in your kitchen and reaching to pick a tomato or pepper to immediately chop and put into your cooking.  Snip a herb or two, chop, and throw into the pot as well.  Cut some fresh flowers from your indoor growing garden to decorate your dining table.  How could life be anymore satisfying for body and soul than a scenario like this? is a website dedicated to hydroponics awareness, education and supplies. Drop by and discover the choices you have for your Indoor Gardening pleasure.

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