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Grow Food Vertically in Windows and Walls of your Home with Hydroponic Gardening

John from visits the maker faire to learn about how to grow food in your windows and on your walls. Plants on walls a new system to grow plants vertically up any inside or outside well. Also learn about window gardens, a way to hydroponically grow food in any window of an apartment, condo or home. These are great alternatives to container growing in small spaces.

Vertical Tower Garden Feeds 10000+ People a Year at the World’s 4th Busiest Airport

John from goes on a field trip to the Chicago O’hare Airport to share with you the World’s First Aeroponic Vegetable Garden at an Airport. In this episode, you will learn how ORD airport is taking a leadership approach in sustainability as well as learn how they are feeding 10000+ people a year when growing 1100 crops at one time in their Vertical Tower Aeroponic Garden. After watching this eposide, hopefully you realize, if they can grow food in the 2nd busiest airport in the USA, you can easily grow food at home.

Growing Potatoes In A Bucket

Great769 shows you how to grow your very own “potty”, the potato in a bucket. great769 also shows you the original “potty” potato planted back in February, my how he has grown!! This is a way people can easily grow good natural food almost anywhere you don’t have to limit yourself to potatoes anything can be grown in a container if you have the light indoors or outdoors on a balcony or a rooftop, you can have your own organic food year round, if you have a window you can have a greenhouse.

A hydroponic vegetable garden

Bob Cutten describes a home Hydroponic vegetable garden. Growing vegetables hydroponically. tomatoes,lettuce,eggplant

Omega Garden Hydroponic System Weather Network Interview. Enjoy fresh, locally produced high quality food all year round, anywhere you are, without leaving your residence, or picture yourself operating a successful commercial farm in the heart of the city! The Omega Garden™ is a revolutionary rotary hydroponic system designed with convenience, simplicity, and maximum yield in mind. From the hobby gardener to the professional grower, all will find an Omega Garden™ to suit their needs.

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