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How To Grow A Garden

How to put in a garden using plants and seeds. Using a smaller tiller and a few plants you can grow your own garden to feed your self and your family with healthy vegetables. Building a garden can be done any where and is easy to do with few tools and knowledge. Urban gardens have made a major comeback in the few years due to the economy, healthy living changes in society, and all way up to the White House. Grow a garden with your family and watch how your kids grow up with the know how to farm. Music By: Kevin MacLeod

How to grow vegetables in The Urban Farm This is an introductory video on what The Urban Farm vegetable growing systems are, how they work, and what they can do.


Carol O’Meara shows how to plant potatoes. Video by Mark Leffingwell, The Boulder Camera

Growing Summer Squash Zephyr

In this weeks episode of Growing Wisdom Dave introduces us to a unique little guy called Summer Squash Zephyr. Zephyr has a very unique pattern of stripes and colors that fades from green to yellow.

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