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How to grow Vegetables in Pots

Who said vegetables only come from markets? Your balcony, porch and roof top are better sources of healthy vegetables! Here’s a step by step demonstration of how to grow vegetables in pots on your roof top, terrace, balcony and porch. It’s easy and can be inexpensive if you use recycled materials and kitchen-made fertilizers. Demonstration by Shobha of Zed Foundation, Bangalore. Filmed at Zed Collective, Bangalore.

Kids Gardening – How to grow a Grass Head A short video that teaches kids how to grow a grass head. Great for children who love the home garden. For more gardening advice visit:

How to Grow Potatoes

Handle any emergency with Howcast’s First Aid app – Learn how to grow potatoes so you can enjoy homemade French fries and chips.

Advice For Someone With Limited Time About Growing Their Own Herbs – Fern Richardson

Learn GarageBand in only 30 days! An author with an award-winning gardening blog and a book called Small-Space Container Gardens, slated to be published in January of 2011 by Timber Press, Fern Richardson answers some interesting questions about gardening and her blog. Life on the Balcony is an award winning blog about the container gardening tips and tricks Richardson has picked up over the last few years of growing plants on tiny balconies and patios and creating container gardens for her clients.

The Tomato Garden – Growing Tomatoes

Gearing up, there really is more on less. What happens from planting a seed.

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