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Planting Runner Bean seeds

The process of planting Runner Bean seeds. They are very simple to grow and produce a large amount of crops. More videos of their progress will follow.

How to grow Root Vegetables

Sweet, nutritious and excellent in soups and stews, root vegetables are key players in the autumn garden and the winter table. Root crops are easier to grow than you might think, and with our simple planting tips, you’ll be harvesting your own beetroot, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, radishes, swedes and turnips in no time!

Backyard tobacco growing garden with beautiful, full grown plants

Growing your own tobacco is easy – and a fun hobby. For generations, people have grown Nicotiana as a decorative, ornamental plant – particularly for its beautiful little trumpet-shaped flowers. And now, more recently, as excise taxes have risen exhorbinantly on all forms of tobacco, people are growing their own for personal use. It’s chemical free, additive free, and now…. a growing cottage industry all its own. Tobacco can be grown virtually anywhere – even Alaska and Nova Scotia – so long as you have 70-90 days of reasonably good sun. And it grows astoundingly FAST. These plants have been in the ground only 3 months! Wow!

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