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Planting Potatoes

We tackle the job of planting your summer potatoes. We learn how to plant them in the ground and how to plant them in a container so you can have them on your deck or patio.

Above ground container vegetable garden using rainwater — FINAL VIDEO — Video #8

29 August 2011 — Day 115 Hurricane Irene slowed my upload of this video- lack of electricity will do that! Ended up getting a lot of cucumber and tomatoes from the plants this season. The Red Peppers are just coming in now, but most have brown/black blotches on them. The worst production was from the yellow & green squash plants… I doubt I got more than a few of each. Most likely related to the infestation of insects that bored into the stalks. No new tomatoes in quite a while now. Have been told no tomatoes flower fertilization above 90 degrees. If true, that would explain it. So just growing the tomatoes that were fertilized in the earlier part of the season…. And that will be it! One thing I am pretty sure about now, the soil in a one-gallon milk contained cannot hold enough water to keep the plants from wilting in the heat of the summer. I found that I needed to water 2 to 3 times a day with the heat of July. And even with a “drip irrigation” system, that it not practical. Next year, if I try again, will use 2.5 gallon containers- more soil & more potential moisture in the soil. The “drip irrigation” system in fact never really had a “drip”. It was more of a squirt. So my ~5 gallons of water pumped up into the head tank would be distributed in less than half an hour. A real “drip” system might have been more helpful for irrigation. Not sure I would now recommend this irrigation kit from Harbor Freight. But never used any tap water all summer long. It was a dry

Above ground container vegetable garden using rainwater — Video #5

24 June 2011 — Day 54 Wanted to show off my first red tomato before I harvested it!!!! What do you have Kim?! Got a lot of growth the last week or so. Watering everything almost every day now. The soil seems to dry out quickly in the small hanging containers (gallon milk jugs & the one 2-liter drink container) and the pots sitting on the two tripods. We have had little rain around here recently, so relying on water from the six condensers from the split system AC units that we have to cool our house. But so far, no lack of water! Received a comment from alz123alz to read up on “Buzz Pollination”. Thanks alz123alz! I initially took what I read literally about the need for Bees to do the “buzzing”. But see that many people are doing the shaking/vibrating themselves with electric toothbrushes, electric erasers, and… I can only imagine what else!!!!! But I noted you can do it by simply shaking the flowers with your hand. One woman said you will get the best results if you Buzz Pollinate between noon and mid-afternoon (~4 PM). So will start doing that now as well! And now I know I will need to use the male cucumber flowers to fertilize the female cucumber flowers. I understand that the cucumber like structure below the female flowers will not continue to develop unless it is fertilized. Who knew about sex and garden plants!?!?! BTW, I mix the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food at 2-tablespoons plant food in a 2-gallon jug, so it is in fact one tablespoon plant food

Above ground container vegetable garden using rainwater — BLIGHT! — Video #7

22 July 2011 — Day 81 HELP! Having some issues with the tomatoes, red peppers, and yellow/green squash. On the tomatoes, some have black blotches on the bottoms as they ripen. And on the smaller tomatoes, some have brown areas on the bottoms while they are still green! And the red peppers also have some brown areas. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on?? I add crushed egg shells every week (for calcium I have read) and water with Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food once every few weeks. Also use 10-10-10 every few weeks. I will use Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food more often to see if I am possibly missing some micronutrients. But probably too late for the squash… lost about 50% of the plants due to insect damage to the stalks! ☹ Maybe will have better luck next year. Anyone have any suggestions on some type of prevention I can try next year? Thanks for any help!!

Above ground container vegetable garden using rainwater & drip irrigation– Video #6

Above ground container vegetable garden using rainwater & drip irrigation– Video #6 14 July 2011 — Day 74 Bastille Day… and a Frenchman in Yellow @ Le Tour! Chapeau Voeckler! The new addition to my hanging garden is a drip irrigation system. For the last few weeks, as it has gotten to be hotter, I have noticed that the plants in the one-gallon milk jugs, in the 2-liter drink container, and even the potted plants on the tripods have been wilted by late afternoon. In these small containers with limited soil to hold the water, it is apparently not enough to water every morning. I have not seen this in the tomato plants in the three 5-gallon buckets. So, I wanted to devise an easy watering system. I noted that Harbor Freight had a drip irrigation kit on sale for .99 (regular price .99) and on July 4 even had a 20% off coupon on any one item. For about .50, I had the basis of my drip irrigation system! Used pieces of PVC pipe & PVC fittings I already had in the garage. Needed to buy less than of PVC fittings to put it all together. I didn’t even glue it (used duct tape instead) so I could take it apart and store it on the winter. An old electric pump sits in a bucket that I fill with rainwater from the 30-gallon collection barrel. I pump that water up to a header tank (that is an old shop vac base fitted with a bulkhead fitting). Water drains by gravity down a ¾-inch PVC pipe supported by an old piece of metal pipe. An in-line filter keeps the debris out of the

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