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How Do You Grow Your Fruit So Big? Recipes from the Garden and other Q & A

John from answers your gardening questions including: 1. Do you have any suggestions on edibles that can grow in poor light conditions? 2. How do you grow your pepino melon so big? 3. Would you consider doing a video on how you use the food fresh from your garden? Here is the playlist to watch to see how I prepare the food I grow:

How to Make Extra Money from Your Garden and Do Mushrooms Attract Bugs?

John from answers your questions about growing food at home including: How to Make Extra Money from my Garden? What is the Best Way to Sell Dried Moringa Leaves? Do Mushrooms in the Garden attract bugs? Is the white furry stuff on the roots of wheat grass mold?

Beginners Vegetable Gardening : How to Store Yellow Squash From the Garden

Storing garden-fresh yellow squash varies depending on how long it will be stored, but refrigeration is often the best solution. Keep squash in the fridge for up to eight days withhelp from the owner of a nursery in this free video on gardening. Expert: Frank Burkard Contact: Bio: Frank Burkard, Jr., the third-generation proprietor of Burkard Nurseries, carries on the family tradition. Filmmaker: Max Cusimano Series Description: Growing vegetables can be done in a large-scale backyard garden, or in small containers on your apartment balcony. Grow your own vegetables with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video series on gardening.
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Vegetable Garden Starting onions from seed

Vegetable Garden Starting onion seeds in a container to later transplant into the garden. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Cajun Country South Louisiana at

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    Planting Tomato Seeds – How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed and Produce Strong Seedlings That Survive!

    For most of us who grow tomatoes or other vegetables we invariably start by purchasing our seedlings directly from the local nursery. Whilst this is a good way to get started there eventually comes a time when you will want to start growing directly from seed.

    The Difficulties Of Growing From Seed

    Whilst growing tomatoes all the way from seed is a relatively simple procedure once you are used to it, for the beginner it can be quite a challenge. There are a number of things that can go wrong and some of them are not obvious, after all the seeds are hidden from view.

    Here is a quick list of the things that you need to watch for…

    Don’t plant your seeds too deep – you are trying to plant them not bury them.

    Don’t over-water the new seedlings – similarly you want a moist soil not a swimming pool.

    Use peat pots from the start – don’t sprinkle seeds across trays then re-pot when they are small. The chances of damaging frail seedlings is high when you handle them.

    Don’t buy your seeds from ‘cheap and dodgy’ – the packets are cheap enough as it is. Get your supply from a recognised supplier.

    Make sure your soil is warm – if you don’t the seeds simply won’t germinate. Tomatoes hate cold.

    Give them sunlight – this is effectively the number one rule for all tomato gardening. Tomatoes need their sun… lots of it.

    Use a good potting mixture – the soil from your garden is not what you will grow your seedlings in.

    If you follow the above guide and make sure that you get each point right then you should have a number of little seedlings growing in no time.

    When it comes to transplanting them there are a few other things that you need to be aware of…

    Make sure that your soil is ready for them: Soil preparation is an art and one that you need to master. Poor soil is deadly for your chances of a successful tomato season.

    Harden them up: Before it is time to transplant your seedlings you need to acclimatise them.

    Make sure the frosts are over: Frosts kill tomatoes… ’nuff said.

    Plant the peat pot: Don’t bother trying to remove the little seedling from the peat pot, there is no need. Just drop it in.

    Give them enough space: If you crowd the root system of your plants then you will have stunted growth and/or a shortened cycle.

    So there you go… all you need to grow healthy tomato plants from seed.

    One final word of warning… try not to over complicate matters. The things that I have listed above are pretty much all that can go wrong. Get them right first and you will have a happy growing experience the vast majority of the time.

    Still having trouble growing tomatoes from seeds? You need to visit for helpful tips and information on planting and caring for a thriving tomato garden.

    Just want to learn more about growing tomatoes from seed? Click Here.

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