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Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Container & Soil Mix

Learn how to have a “labor free” garden. No Watering, No Weeding, No Fertilizing all season long. Is it possible? It is, with my off-grid, self-watering container gardening system. After many hours of study and testing I think I have found a system that anyone can use to grow almost anything almost anywhere. We can all become farmers and grow our own food.

Growing Potatoes Above Ground – My Russian Fingerling potatoes came from Wood Prarie Farms. They are great people. Really interested in helping their customers. This is the first time I have grown potatoes above or below ground. It is one of my great gardening adventures. So far the potatoes are growing great. I’ll update later in the season to let you know what kind of yield I get.

Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Growing Organic

I show how to grow organically using my Off-Grid Self-Watering Container gardening system. I prefer growing organically. It is just as easy as using chemical fertilizers and you get much healthier plants and better tasting food.

Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: The Ultimate Container

Now that you have the basics of this system by watching the first two videos I share with you my “ultimate container”. I don’t know of a better container to produce more food in less space than this ultimate container. Due to many reasons including the variations of plants, the density of planting and the ability to stack these containers make them the ultimate container for container gardening. Imagine being able to grow forty plants in a one foot area!

Container Gardening: Free 5 Gal. Bucket Garden

My sister uses free 5 gallon buckets for her backyard garden. She grows tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, squash, herbs and a lot of other vegetables out of free containers. When she moves, her garden moves with her.

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