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Summer Garden Update & Fall Planting List – Aug. 14, 2011

So this is a quick update of my garden. My Fall Plants will be a follows: – Turnips – Swiss Chard – Black Zucchini – Spaghetti Squash – Baby Blue Hubbard Squash – Winter Butternut Squash – American Flag Leeks – King Richard Leeks – Oriental Mustard Greens (Taisai) – Oriental Mustard Greens (Kyona) – Arugula (Rocquete) – Endive (Escarole) – Radicchio (type of endive) – Carrots Carnival Clown (Carrots grown in cold temps are sweeter higher sugar content) – Chinese Celery (Kan Tsai) I still need to purchase so of the following: – Cabbage – Broccoli – Spinach – Cauliflower (purple & standard white) – & Winter Melon (aka White Gourd, Ash Gourd, or Fuzzy Melon)

Giant Pumpkins

If grown correctly, pumpkins can reach and exceed 1000 pounds. How do you grow a giant pumpkin, and what drives the people who do? Larry Checkon, the world record holder for the largest pumpkin, answers these questions.

Vegetable Garden Fall Garden – Part 3

Vegetable Garden Planting cabbage and Lettuce in the fall vegetable garden. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Cajun Country in South Louisiana at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Vegetables You Can Grow in the Winter Edible Garden

John from takes you on a tour of his suburban front yard garden where he is growing many vegetables over the winter time. In this video, you will learn about some of the vegetables that can be grown in the winter time. After watching this video you will also learn about one of Johns new upcoming vegetables that is relatively unknown.

Fall Container Planting

Now is the time to put together a container of fall plants to brighten up your doorstep or patio. Allen Smith demonstrates how to create a beautiful arrangement by following just a few basic principles.

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