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Alys Fowler: Growing beans and peas on an allotment

Alys Fowler discovers how to make a cage out of willow sticks to help beans and peas flourish in communal gardens

Growing Vegetables – Sowing Squash, Watermelon & Pumpkin & Flowers Part 2

In part 2 I sow 2 varieties of sweet peas: Miss Wilmott, Spencer Choice Mix….3 varieties of nasturtium: Empress of India, Jewel Mix, Peach Melba…. 2 varieties of winter squash. Blue Banana, Seminole Winter Pumpkin Plus grow room update.

Vegetable Gardening: Growing kang kong – easy leafy greens

Kang Kong is an easy leafy vegetable to grow on your balcony. Growing Kang Kong provides a healthy vegetable harvest year round. Phil Dudman the Garden Guru shows you how to grow.

2010 Garden vlog 45 Growing potatoes indoors HD

You all really have o try this!!! Was I ever surprised to see actual potatoes!

With Nature in Mind: Organic Gardening

UW Bothell and Cascadia Community College have an inspiring staff that is leading the way in organic gardening and landscape management. They have completely phased out pesticides and herbicides while using goats, composting, and a host of other solutions to create a beautiful campus. Learn more by watching the video. Director: David Ryder Producers: Tony Guerrero, Jim Perich-Anderson

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