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How To Grow A Garden

How to put in a garden using plants and seeds. Using a smaller tiller and a few plants you can grow your own garden to feed your self and your family with healthy vegetables. Building a garden can be done any where and is easy to do with few tools and knowledge. Urban gardens have made a major comeback in the few years due to the economy, healthy living changes in society, and all way up to the White House. Grow a garden with your family and watch how your kids grow up with the know how to farm. Music By: Kevin MacLeod

How to Grow Vegetables

Great tips for growing vegetables at home

Growing Potatoes: How to Grow: Vegetable Gardening How to grow potatoes. Garden Guru Phil Dudman shows an easy way for growing potatoes.

Growing Vegetables – Sowing Squash, Watermelon & Pumpkin & Flowers Part 2

In part 2 I sow 2 varieties of sweet peas: Miss Wilmott, Spencer Choice Mix….3 varieties of nasturtium: Empress of India, Jewel Mix, Peach Melba…. 2 varieties of winter squash. Blue Banana, Seminole Winter Pumpkin Plus grow room update.

Growing Vegetables – Sowing Squash, Watermelon & Pumpkin & Flowers Part 1

Planted 4 varieties of squash and watermelon. 1 variety of pumpkin, 3 varieties of nasturtium and 2 varieties of sweet peas

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