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Patio Vegetable Container Garden Update #2 4/17/10

As you can see, everything is growing very nicely. I have moved everything outside now and have also moved some things into bigger containers. Soon, I will need to transplant the tomatoes and peppers into larger containers as well. Thanks in advance for Subscribing! Subscribe Comment Like Add 2 Favorite

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      Container Vegetable Garden

      June 2011, the balcony container vegetable garden

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        Compost in 40 gallon Containers for Container Gardening-Recycle your trash for compost

        Hi! This is Going Organic. You can find our website at “”! Today I am going to talk about composting. It is winter time here in Central Florida. I am composting in containers to prepare for a container garden in the spring. I’ve drilled 3/8″ holes in the bottom of these 40 gallon containers. I’ve added oak leaves to the containers with shredded paper and cardboard from the home shredder, used coffee grounds from Starbucks, water from the fish pond, egg shells, cow manure, vegetable scraps. All those old bills and junk mail you shred at home can be a carbon source for your compost. This is one more way to recycle and not send paper to the landfill. Used coffee grounds are a good source of nitrogen. Once the grounds are used, their ph is close to neutral. So they are very safe for plants. I picked up this bag full of coffee grounds the other day. Starbucks has a recycling program for their coffee grounds. Anytime, you can walk in and ask for their used coffee grounds. They will pull the whole trash bag full of grounds out and double bag it for you. The other day, the server even carried it out to the car for me. I just want to say “Thanks!” to the Lake Mary Starbucks for all their free coffee grounds. I’ve been using water from the fish pond, since it is used as liquid fertilizer in hydroponic systems. I have a page on my website on how to build an easy portable fish pond. I save the egg shells from cooking, since tomatoes like calcium. I let them

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          My patio self watering container vegetable garden

          I just staarted this garden 2 weeks ago and have one self watering container and will post more videos with more matur plants in self watering containers.

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