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Vegetable Gardening: Three Sisters Update Part 2

Patti, the Garden Girl, and her daughter Ale the Garden Kid show you how to maintain a garden. A little fun in the garden. Subscribe to our Free Magazine: And Visit our Website: http

Witness the Evolution of a Kitchen Garden

European potager themed vegetable garden. Naturally grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides or fungicides of any kind. This garden includes heirloom vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs on a 2300 sq ft plot. No synthetic fertilizers used, compost added annually for over 12 years. Includes raised bed Square Foot Garden, wildlife habitat, vertical structures, grafted tomatoes, low tunnel cloche, & companion planting for a four season harvest. Produce donated to Ozarks Food Harvest. This is one of several Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens at Nathanael Greene|Close Memorial Park, 2400 S Scenic Ave., Springfield, Mo. You’re invited to stroll through the garden during park hours to observe, learn, and enjoy! Learn more here: If you’re inspired to try something different in after watching this video, please don’t hesitate to email to tell us what you’re trying in your own garden. Gardener Hotline: 417-881-8909 Our Kitchen Garden newsletter: Like What You See? Contact: NatGreeneVeg{at} Kitchen Garden | Vegetable Garden | Potager | Square Foot Garden

Companion Planting

Companion planting vegetables is a practice often used in organic gardening. The plants themselves are better at controlling pests and diseases, so the need for pesticidal sprays is naturally diminished. And growth of each plant is optimised with no use of artificial fertilisers.

Unknown squash or melon growing in citrus tree well – please identify

Do you think you might know what type of plant is growing here? I added compost to the citrus tree well some time ago, and well, it wasn’t all the way composted. Seeing how cool it looks under the citrus as well as thinking the vine would offer the soil some shade, I decieded to plant a mix of squash and watermelon in a Nort, South, East & West direction. The flowers are yellow and very abundant at times. Now I spotted this huge ball growing like it happened over night, lol….any ideas?

Vegetable Gardening: Three Sisters Companion Planting

Companion planting what the Iroquois valued as the sustainers of life: beans, corn, and squash. Watch the video and learn how to plant them in a raised bed. The tools I use are from Radius Garden, click the link to get your own! SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE MAGAZINE: Share on my messageboard:

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