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Easy Self Watering Patio Container Garden – Growing Herbs and Leafy Green Vegetables

John from shows you from start to finish how easy it is to set up a self-watering patio pickers “raised bed” container garden. In this episode, John will set up two of these container gardens that are perfect for growing on a patio, deck, porch, lanai or other small area for people that live in an apartment, condo or townhome with limited space. John will show mixxing his special soil mixture and talk about what he is planting in each patio pickers garden and why. After watching this episode, you will be able to set up and start growing your own patio pickers garden.

Planting Vegetables in Spring Part 2: Planting Lettuce, Kale, Peas & More!

In this episode of Growing Wisdom Dave plants vegetables and shares planting tips and ideas.

First Year Growing a Vegetable Garden in Las Vegas = A Success!

John from goes on a field trip to a unsuspecting subscribers house to learn whats growing on. In this episode you will see an excellent example of what vegetables you can grow successfully in the Las Vegas Desert . Also learn about a medicinal food that you can grow in the shade that will just keep multiplying!

Vegetable Gardening : How to Grow Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is best planted in the spring in well-tilled soil. Incorporate as much compost into the soil before planting Swiss chard with help from an organic farmer in this free video on vegetable gardening and horticulture. Expert: Jarrett Man Contact: Bio: Jarrett Man created and runs Stone Soup Farm, an organic vegetable and fruit operation in Belchertown, Mass. Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Jenn

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