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Watering Tomatoes & Planting Squash

It is time to water the tomatoes as well as plant some squash and several other vegetables

Vegetable Container Garden 2011 pt5

This is an update of my potted veggies taken April 23, 2011. So far so good. Everything seems to be growing on par. I cannot wait to taste my first garden fresh tomato!!!

Container Gardening Think “In” the Box!

Gardening in Containers is more than you think! See Watermelon, Cantaloupe , Musk Mellons, Potatoes, Pumpkins Beans, Carrots, Squash, Cucumbers. Peas and of course Tomatoes and Lettuce. Want more see my blog

Growing Tomatoes, Cucumber, Beans and even Cantaloupe — vert

Sharing how I use trellises and tomato cages for vertical support

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