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How to build a raised container garden box – The Container Garden Bed

This is a video about fun container garden ideas. Leran how to build an indoor container garden box for herbs and vegetables that can be used indoors and rolled around on her platform storage shelf. With this project the Handy Goddess shows you that you can grow almost anything you like in the privacy of your home. In this do it yourself home improvements video the design is simple enough for anyone to be able to have their lumber precut and then easily assemble it in your home. Barbara’s fine art and decorative painting Barbara’s faux painting instructional videos http

2010 Garden vlog 45 Growing potatoes indoors HD

You all really have o try this!!! Was I ever surprised to see actual potatoes!

Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden with John’s Favorite Products at Orange County Farm Supply

John from goes on a field trip to Orange County Farm Supply to share with you some products that can help you grow a vegetable garden organically. In this episode you will learn about some of John’s favorite products that are being offered at this Farm Supply / Nursery. After watching this episode you will have a better understanding on how to deal with pests in the garden and how to grow healthy food crops.

2010 Garden vlog44 Planting tomatoes, squash and update HD

Finally planting my tomatoes, squashes and updating my garden!

How to grow a potato indoor, in my man cave

how i plant my indoor potatoes…filmed in my small apartment / mancave 😉

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